A few answers to common questions

General Questions

How do I install the software

Bricks ERP is installed on the cloud server and you will get the login credentials via email.

What is the cost of Bricks ERP and accounting software?

Contact our Sales and Marketing department for erp software cost.

Do you offer support?

Yes our support team is equipped with trained professionals who are more than happy to support you in all areas.

What are the security measures in Bricks ERP?

All the security measures have been taken care of in all modules with a specially designed security mechanism. The mechanism helps to prevent all the corporate data from unauthorized access. The levels of security define the limits very well, hence the authorized ones would only do what they are permitted to do.

Post Sales Questions

How do I login to my account?

Login details will be provided in the welcome email.

How do I upgrade?

Upgrades are automatically installed on your server by our support team.

Can I use Bricks ERP on Linux or Macintosh?

Yes, it's a platform independent ERP software.

Do you customize the dashboard?


Bricks ERP is equipped with latest reporting and dashboard tools, click on the the link for the exciting features