Key features of Bricks ERP

Payment History

See payment histories for all customers view past payments for any date range, and print or email receipts for all payment receipts.

Document Uploads

Upload and store customer-specific files, lease agreements, scanned documents, and more.

Statements/Balances Reports

Get a snapshot of all outstanding balances and due dates for any and all customers. Track all receivables and print or email invoices at any time.

Send SMS and Emails

You can send emails and SMS to your customers without ever having to leave the system. All copies of outgoing email are filed in the History log.


Generate invoices for any outstanding balance - combine multiple receivables per customer or split by due date, customer, etc. Print or email to customers.


Print or email payment receipts for any payment received - similar to invoices, you can combine payments from many due dates into one receipt, or print separate.

Customer Penalties

Bricks ERP calculates and suggests the correct late fees penalty for any late payments, based on the settings for the booking

Search sort and Print

All accounting entries are searchable by keyword, cutomers, property, building, and date range. Sort lists by specific columns and fields and print or email your data.

Fiscal/Accounting Years

Categorize a specific date range as an accounting period, and group your data-entry and separate your reporting. Accounting periods make it easy to separate each fiscal year or any period and stay organized.

Account and GL codes

Add your account types or categories and use your own GL codes. Categorize income and expense entries and gain even more insight into how you earn income and where your money goes.

Auto Tax Calculations

Add your custom sales tax types and rates, and Bricks ERP will auto-calculate tax as you enter income and expenses.

Faster ROI

Beyond being just Feature Rich, Bricks ERP strength lies in its Simplicity and Ease of use thus signifying Faster Deployment and Less Degree of Training and Support required. This translates into faster ROI for Real Estate Developers.

Filtering Capability

Generate reports how you want them - run reports for an entire building, or for one property or customer- or run the report for all - it's up to you.

Export Formats

Reports can be printed or exported and emailed in a variety of data formats, including PDF and Excel.

Payment and Accounting Reports

Payment History, Current Balances, Current Balances & Payments, Complete Statements, Complete Statements + Payments, All Accounting Entries, Income Accounting Entries, Expense Accounting Entries, Profit & Loss Summary, Profit & Loss Detail.

Admin Users

Control access to accounting periods and account codes, owner & vendors, and other system-wide settings by specifying which users have Admin access.

128 bit SSL Technology

Bricks ERP provides a "secure browsing mode" which employs the same secure, encrypted technology used by bank software and websites. This ensures your data has not been compromised, even when using the software over public networks.

Bulk Print

Save time by bulk printing your documents for any number of customers and properties, or all of them at once! Bricks ERP will generate a customized copy of your document for each customer or property you specify - you can generate letters for hundreds of customers in less than 10 seconds!


All reports can show your company info and/or property owner info in the header or the footer.

Inventory Reports

Inventory List, Active Bookings, Closed Bookings.